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Wednesday, 28 May 2008



Vaila: You Spoke Clearly, Could of practiced a little bit more,Good accent.

Fiona: Good accent, Got Confuzed a little, Confident with your anwsers.

Allan: You spoke very clearly, a little more practice, Really Confident.


john:very confedant answers
could work on his accsent
did not hesetate to answer

allen:when he ansers they are nice and clear
should have revised more
he spoke clearly

gabby: lisened to qustions nicly
sould have revised a little bit more
good pronceation



Emily: You spoke very clearly.
Try to remember what you are going to say.
Your french accent was great.

Fiona: You have a good french accent.
Try to be more Confident in your answers.
Your answers were very

Keiran: You spoke clearly.
Your french accent needs a bit of work.
You very Confident in your answers.


Harriet: You spoke very clearly with a good french accent.
You got confused in the middle.
Overall you did really well!

Emily: You spoke in a great french accent!
You forgot the answer to one of your questions and
You spoke with very good clarity!

Emma: You spoke with good clarity and a great french accent!
You forgot how to say what your name was,
you remembered in the end and did really well in your test!


Lisa: Your french accent was was GREAT!!:D
You could of spoke a bitty louder though. :(
You included a lot of detail on everything you spoke about.:D

Jack: You spoke with good clarity.:P
You could of practised more so that you knew how to answer the questions.:(
You tried hard to answer the questions.:P

Alexis: You Answered the questions well. :)
You could of made your accent more frenchy! :(
You practised well and did a good talk. :)


Emily: you spoke with a good french accent, you could have included more information about your pets and you practiced well.
Vaila: you spoke clearly, you could have practiced more and you gave it a good try.
Emma: you spoke with a good french accent, some questions were not as sure as others and you spoke clearly.


Meg: Meg spoke very clearly!
meg hesitated alot after questions were asked.
Meg had a good french accent

Sam: sam spoke quite clearly. Sam did not have a very clear french accent.
Sam spoke in detail.

Fraser: Fraser spoke with alot of detail. Fraser was quite quiet/didn't speak very clearly. Fraser had a good french accent


you spoke clearly
you could have listened a little better
your pronouncieation was good
you had good
rabbits are not green
you practiced well
keiran:you deffanetly practiced
take more time to answer the qestions
you spoke well


You spoke well with a good french acsent.

Try to stay focesed when listening to the questions.

Well done on remembering alot of things.

You spoke very clearly and have a gooood acsent.

Try next time to remember everything your going to say.

You put alot of detail into your answers.

You have a very good French acsent.

Try and be more confident when you say your answers.

You spoke clearly when you answered!


Hazel:You gave a lot of detail in your answers but you could have spoken a little bit louder. You also had a very good accent.

Meg:You spoke very clearly and I understood everything you said. Maybe next time you could extend your answers a bit more. You answered the questions that you were asked well and had obviously practised.

Fraser:You had a good French accent but next time you should practise listening to the questions so you can understand what you're being asked. You also spoke very clearly, which was good.

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