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Friday, 02 November 2007



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Hi Adam,

tbh, I'm not sure. My dissertation didn't really prove anything but it did give me food for thought. It made me have a double think regarding teachers of long service.

Some of the written responses from a teacher of 37 and another of 38 years were amazing; things such as foriegn secondment and a willingness to learn from new teachers.

Adam Sutcliffe

Thanks for your comment Krysia. Its a very interesting observation you make. Could it be that teachers at this stage in their careers with still a wee while to go are afraid that changing their practice could have an adverse effect on their career path; maybe their thoughts are of headship and they don't want to rock the boat?


Hi Adam, I've been following your blog for a wee while now.

I have no answers to your questions but heres something I found out. You say: "how can I persuade the 30 year career teacher that it might be worthwhile", I figured that people who have been teaching for a LONG time are actually quite receptive to change. They have been teaching long enough to have an deep interest in their lifelong career. It is more the middle educator, who has been teaching on avg 16 years who is much less receptive.

How do I know this? In my dissertation last year I got responses from app 500 teachers about the concept of change/sharing practice. It was really clear from the responses that teachers in this group were much less positive about a whole range of stuff.
It was food for thought for me. Maybe it was just the sample, but I found it interesting.

Thanks for the interesting read :)

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