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Friday, 04 January 2008



Managed to do what I was thinking about using Smart Notebook and the Smart Recorder - it saved as an avi file and I'm just converting it to mp4 now - hasn't got a commentary, but I think there will be a way of doing that. I'll put my test version on my blog when it's finished converting.

Mr B21

Morning Adam.

Here is the URL. It is actually the URL linked to the MrB21 in my comments now.



Thanks Adam - sure it's not as complicated as it sounds! Have both Macs and PCs. None of the Macs are currently connected to the internet, but when we're making podcasts it's easy enough to do them in Garageband and then export them.
I think I could do something similar as a powerpoint and then export to slideshare - no problem getting something on a blog or school website I think, just wondering how they could download to mp4 players - making sure that they have no excuses to say they couldn't download something - players are slightly complicated as all mp3 and mp4 files need to be converted before they will play on the players (no, I don't know why either!)

Adam Sutcliffe

@MrB21. You'll have to let me know the url of your blog, or is it one of the TGSBloggers ones.

@Lynne. Although it took some time it was quite easy to do. I first prepared the presentation in Keynote (08 version). Then after having put together a rough script I recorded the narration through a Griffin iMic and clip mic. (File menu in keynote and click on "record slideshow") Then I exported it to Garageband where I edited out the sound of page turning and such like and added some music to spice it up a bit. Then I posted it to mt channel on blip.tv and embedded the code in the blog.
I seem to remember you had a mac at Communicate.07, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Not sure how you'd do it on a pc.


Here I am trying not to think about going back and you're wishing you were going back. We're never happy are we?

Your podcast is exactly what I want to do in History for, not only the absent pupils (or teacher!), but for general revision. Pupils can take time over our instructions, pause it, play it again. Thank God they can't do that in the classroom!

(BTW - set up a blog the other day. Tell me what you think)


Hi Adam, sorry to hear you will be out of action and hope you are feeling better soon.
I like the presentation - can I ask how you did it? It looks like the kind of thing I could make for my classes to use on their mp4 players - could also be useful in other subjects if I can show them how to do it.

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