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Wednesday, 28 May 2008



Houses and cars are not very cheap and not every person is able to buy it. Nevertheless, personal loans was created to help people in such kind of hard situations.

Joe Dale

Saw this Adam and thought of you!

Best wishes


Stephen Reid

Hi Adam,

I'm not too familiar with Google Maps other than a good scoot around Moscow or a look at the Aircraft Carriers in San Diego Bay but one man who seems to know his stuff is Ollie Bray of Musselburgh Grammar.

I know he's spoken to Lou and I about his adventures with it. Here's a link to his blog: Ollie Bray: http://www.olliebray.com/

Also...Here's a link to Steve Beard: http://tarannau.ethink.org.uk/
We are working with Steve in Shropshire Schools...while we were down he was telling us about Geagraphers he knows who are using Google Maps for all kinds of stuff, might well be worth picking his brains.

Hope this helps.


Joe Dale

Hi Adam,

Great idea. Have you seen this Stephan Rinke's use of Google Maps for directions in German?

Best wishes


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