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Monday, 01 December 2008


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Just came across your productions and they all are AWESOME!!! Very impressed with the different ways you used the resources to complete your projects. Mrs. Van Der Tramp would be proud!!!
anne marie


Love the idea of the kids going to meet Mrs VDT, and the way you thought of to bring up the different verbs is effective. HOWEVER, if this were a real resource you would have to check very carefully your spelling. It is important to be accurate in spelling.

James / Keiran
what a concept, Catcow and fells from Family guy. The different scenes for each verb are well thought out (watch spellings though); they illustrate what you say. I love how Catcow is so enthustastic about learning his verbs. To improve it would suggest a soundtrack of catcow saying the verbs. We can work on that maybe.

Kaya / Kim
I like this. Great pictures which show what each verb is. You have backed this up with the verb in French and an English translation. Lots of learning possible. One suggestion is to make sure your captions either come all before or all after the pic.

Excellent. Clear piccies illustraing each verb, with the words and translations following. Great stuff. What did you give your sis for her starring role?

Great pictures, with useful captions. Such a same animoto didn't let you make a full length, would have been good.

Great pics...have you paid sis yet? And i like your idea of using a sentence to illustrate. Would be great if the sentence was in French.

Superb ideas here. I like the bright colours and I especially like your sentences you have used to show each verb in use. To improve it the verbs could be shown in the passé composé. (Sorry about the music!!!!!)

This really is fantastic. I am so impressed with what you have produced here. Firstly you have a theme to your slides; your images illustrate each verb really well; your vrebs are accurate as are your translations; finally I like how the Mrs VDT spins about and that you have capitalised the initial letter of each verb. ACE.

Kate, Meg, Hazel, Emma
What a production. What imagination and what acting. Brilliant. I love the whole idea and the way it was put together. You obviously had a right laugh making it. If we get a chance we should actually script it in French with each verb popping up as a subtitle. Then it would be simply amazing.

All in all I am extremely impressed with the ideas and resources you have produced. Obviously there are one or two errors and ways to improve each resource but the ideas are there. Bravo!

Mr S

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