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Wednesday, 28 May 2008



Ryan:He was good
He spoke in a good French acent.Well presented.


very could jack
could of worked on practicing a bit more
but apart from that very good

well done meg
i dont think u would find green rabits
overall well done

you answerd all your questions
i think u could have worked on your accenst a bit
keep trying


Jack:Very good pronuncuation
Should try and use you're french accent
You tried you're best for anwsering all the questions

Allan:Brilliant clarity
You needed more pronuncation
Most of the questions were answered

Ryan:Good Clarity
You lacked detail
Most questions answered


You spoke very clearly and sounded like a french speaker. You could of given more detail in some answers. All of the questions you answered was well presented.
Your answers were very detailed and interesting. You could of spoke more like a french person. Your answers were answered very clearly.
You did well to remember your answers to the questions.You could of spoken more clearly and had a little more confidence. You did well in answering the questions.


Harriet:Good french accent
Got confused a bit
Spoke clearly

Alexis: Your answers were detailed
Try to speak louder
You answered all your questions

Kim: You answered your questions well
Try to be more confident in your answers
You spoke clearly.


Emma: You had a good french accent.
There were big gaps in some of your answers.
You spoke very clearly and did very well!

James:You could tell you practiced very hard.
You could work on your accent.
You added extra detail to some of your answers!

Hazel: You spoke clearly.
You rushed a bit at the start.
You gave lots of detail in your answers!


Answere every question.
Could have put in more detail.
Lots of detail.


Answered every question.
Could have put in more detail.
Good accent.


SAM Nice french acent you got confused a little but over all verry good.

MEG Good acsent dont no why ther were green rabits in the test very clear ansers.

JACK The questons you anserd were quite good more practice needed an ok try.


kieran: kieran spoke very well.
kieran don't rush ur words out.
your accent was very good and is was very clear

sam:ypur questions were well answered.
you could of took more time to answer ur questions.
but overall ur accent was very well done

john:you answered all your questions.
you could of worked on ur accent we bit more.
but execpt from that it was ok

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