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Monday, 22 October 2007



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anna gorbold

Hi Adam
I have just come across your web site via an online course on Web 2.0 that I an taking - what a great web site and your British sense of humor is wonderful and so refreshing!! I am a brit living in the US and actually miss the brit sense of humor - I have never quite figured out what the difference is but there is a difference! the video from New Zealand that you posted on 'what old people do" was hilarious!!!
I work in a middle school in up state new york - I am the Instructional Technology Specialist - I actually do not like that word - I really am the Instructional tech integrater - working with teachers and students to help incorporate and integrate ICT ( Information communication Technology) into the curric grades 6-8. No need to go into details here to bore you - but I love the job and every day is different etc etc
I watched with fascination your UTube video sample on the Refugee Awareness day from your school - the kids looked just like ours!! I suspect you are already working with other schools across the world but wondered if you or any one else would be interested in a connection in NY state? At my school we do not integrate at all with other schools internationally - and with Skype it would be so easy - if you care to and have time let me know.
I am sure you could google me and find out more about me - not really sure how much is out there about me - you would probably find the link to the Nordic ski web site that I maintain - that says alot about my 'other' life! and our school web site - in fact I have included that URL above
By the way I love your link to your Delicious account - I have just recently started an account as well - it is absolutely brilliant!! and I have swiped 2 of your links - the Times article on girls using the INternet - fascinating! and the link to Cyber bullying - thanks so much for sharing.
Enjoy the weekend - happy Easter if you celebrate and maybe I will hear back from you - but have enjoyed chatting to Scotland!!


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This is an excellent list! I stumbled upon your site while searching for a skitch invite, but yours is one of a handful I've actually read and enjoyed! I'm a K-5 tech integrator in a school in NY, and it was nice to read other opinions about all the resources out there. My kids use pbwiki for book reviews, and I totally agree with you about prefering pbwiki over wikispaces. Have you seen edublogs.org?

Mr B21

Flippin' 'eck! Do you have time to eat?

Thanks for that - I'll have a look at some. Flickr consumes my time at present!

David Noble

Thanks for the 'heads up' on Miro and Vixy. Great post!

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