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Friday, 22 September 2006


Andrew M

This was really fun to listen to (not in a mean way). You both spoke clearly and kept going. The only things you need to do to improve this is to speak more fluently and learn the pronounciation of some of the words.

andrew c

goo d clear voices
very good pronounciation

learn it a bit more to stop pause(eventhough there wasn't alot)but overall very good


since this is my one and i'm going to post nice comments on other people's i would just like to say that i suck but peter is good


Good accents
good sound affects

only when 1 of the lines wos forgotten wos bad but it wos ace


*it was clear

*it had good french in it

~when jade said dammit, she should have just carried on


*Nice and clear

*good french used

~when jade said dammit, she should have just carried on

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