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Tuesday, 27 March 2007



i think our 1 was ok but i dont think we stood close enough to the microphone. Sams was good exept from it being side on. The others were really good to.


i think our 1 was good, emma and louise u heard well but i think i was standing too far away from the microphone. Iain and sams wer good aswell. all of the other groups wer good too.


i think iains was good but he talked about ice cream to much! And jenises group was good but they have to spaeak a bit louder


Hey Mr.S My ones really bad but it could have been worse it could have shown my powerpoint.Sams one in really funny but i had to turn my head sideways to see it properly!

Cya In German Imorn Mr.s


I think our one was excellent and we spoke quite clearly our German was good Jeneise could have been a bit closer to the micraphone though.

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